A Guide for Local Governments

The National League of Cities representing over 200 million people, has put forward a
set of guidelines for cities to consider regarding short-term rental regulations. This is
especially timely given where Dallas finds itself today.

Of special interest in the report are the “What Can Communities Regulate” section which
outlines provisions for location and use, timing and manner of rental. This section suggests
possible geographic limits and commercial -residential distinctions as well as primary
residence requirements and day limits. No where in this document is a ban encouraged.

Other items to be considered by cities are registration and licensing, taxes, occupancy
limits, health and safety requirements and noise/event regulations. The bulk of these
have already been proposed in the Proposed Registration Ordinance briefed to
City Council on 4/4/23.

The report stresses the value of including all stakeholders and sets out a clear process to
arrive at a fair and sensible regulatory structure that works for all parties.

In conclusion, the report states “Short-term rentals are here to stay and when regulated with
care and proper safeguards in place, can be integrated into the fabric of a community. STRs
can enhance tourism, stimulate economic growth in targeted neighborhoods and give
residents a way to supplement their income…With proper regulation, cities can enjoy the
benefits of STRs and limit their negative impacts.

Read the report HERE.

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