We all need to stay in touch with our City Council person on a regular basis. They are regular people just like us, who we elect to serve our best interests. They are very approachable and for the most part, want to hear from their constituents, so don’t hesitate to email or call them!

Here are a few tips to craft an impactful email or letter:
  1. State the reason why you are writing
  2. Tell them why you host/operate a Short-term rental business and how you started
  3. Give them an example of how you help your community or how you helped a person –who stayed in your STR – make it personal
  4. Let them know what it would mean to you if could no longer operate an STR
  5. Ask them to take the time to consider all angles of the STR issue carefully and to consider the needs of the entire city.
  6. Thank them for their consideration and provide your contact info in case they’d like to call you.

We should all be emailing City Council regularly. After you try it once, it will become easier. Also, don’t hesitate to send your email to ALL City Council members and the Mayor. They need to hear rational letters letting them know that we don’t want party houses either, that we are good operators that want to continue to provide a valuable neighborhood service.

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