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Responsible Short-Term Rentals For a Stronger And More Vibrant Dallas.

The Dallas STRA is the collective voice of the Dallas short-term rental community. We are residents, property managers, hosts, local businesses, and other stakeholders. We understand and protect the rights of homeowners to responsibly rent their properties, we believe in fair and reasonable regulations of short-term rentals, and we depend on the value that private hosting brings to Dallas. Welcome!


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The Dallas STRA is hard at work fighting to protect your short-term rentals, but we can’t do it alone. Every dollar you donate goes right into the DSTRA legal campaign to defend our community, so please consider making a business tax-deductible donation today.

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  • Membership events, including social and community events
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Support the Local Economy

Tourism and travel is vital to the economy of our region, providing tax revenues and supporting hundreds of residents who work in the services and retail sectors. Conventions and events depend on welcoming and right-sized accommodations including hotels and short term rentals (STRs) as the core options for those travelers.

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Empower Local Residents

Broadly speaking, several commonsense measures and regulations can be implemented to ease tensions between local residents and the traveling public and their hosts. Short term rentals can introduce some legitimate issues. Proper regulations, management, and education might ensure residents can enjoy the place they live just as peacefully as those who are visiting.

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Ensure Equal Access

Access to Nature’s wonders should be available to all visitors, regardless of economic status. Competitive and well managed short term rentals, properly regulated, support that access and provide diversity in accommodations that work the best for traveling families and furry friends.

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Educate STR Managers and Owners

Improved relationships should be a biproduct of an educated and informed STR management and ownership group. Understanding the regulations and unique issues of our area and how to adequately respond is an important part of promoting collective enjoyment of this unparalleled location.


We invite any resident, visitor, or STR owner or manager to submit a story that highlights the positive interactions between neighbors, visitors, residents, or why owning an STR is an important option for you. Let’s paint the picture of cooperation for others to follow!

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Get to Know Dallas Hosts


Vera E.

Owner and Local

I'm a wife and the caretaker for my special needs adult brother and my grandmother. Being a local Dallas short-term rental host makes this possible. This is our sole source of income. If Dallas overly and unfairly regulates STRs, I will not be able to take care of my family, nor my grandmother. It would also cause financial devastation to our staff and their families.


Danielle L.

Short-term rentals have made a way for independent contractors, mostly single moms, to create an income and still make it home to care for their children.


Jeff V.

Owner and Local

My wife, Shannon, and I are longtime homeowners near White Rock Lake. I'm semi-retired on social security and my wife will soon retire after teaching in DSID for 25 years. The money [from our short term rental] really helps us make ends meet. One guest, a FEMA disaster worker, stayed with us 5 weeks. When he left, he told me he didn't know what he would do without White Rock Coffee! He said he had spent about $10 a day there every day of his stay with us. $450 in one coffee shop from one guest.


How Can I be a Good Short-term Rental Host and a Good Neighbor?

How Can I be a Good Short-term Rental Host and a Good Neighbor? Being a good neighbor is the basis for a vibrant and thriving community. Respecting your neighbors and your neighborhood is part and parcel of being a responsible short-term rental host. Being a successful short-term rental host requires striking a balance between providing a positive experience for your guest and being a considerate neighbor. Here are a few...


Short Term Rentals: Unintended Consequences of Zoning

The following editorial was written for the Dallas Morning News by STR Owner/Operator Vernon Lewis: Short Term Rentals: Unintended Consequences of Zoning Dallas City Council will soon be making decisions on short-term rentals (STRs) that will affect the city, its residents and its future. While the issue has been brewing for several years, involving several City Task Forces, it appears that only zoning STRs out of residential neighborhoods is being...


Tourism Economic Impact in Dallas Soars to $7 Billion

Visit Dallas has released its annual economic impact study for the City of Dallas in 2021. The study by Tourism Economics states that “22.5 million visitors spent $4.4 billion across Dallas in 2021, generating a total economic impact of $7.2 billion for the city and its residents. This impact sustained more than 43,000 jobs and generated $421 million in state and local tax revenue.” Read more. The study further says...



Following a marathon City Council meeting on 6/14, City Council Voted to: Ban STRs from all residential areas. STRs are only allowed in areas where hotels are allowed STRs will be allowed in Multi-Family with heavy density restrictions No grandfathering Regulatory ordinance was passed with: 2-night min stay, 2 Strikes, Density restrictions for MF, Platform Accountability and Revisit in 2025 Here are the links to the new rules: Ch. 42B...


How Do I Write an Impactful Letter to City Council?

We all need to stay in touch with our City Council person on a regular basis. They are regular people just like us, who we elect to serve our best interests. They are very approachable and for the most part, want to hear from their constituents, so don’t hesitate to email or call them! Here are a few tips to craft an impactful email or letter: State the reason why...


National League of Cities Releases 2022 Short-Term Rental Regulations

A Guide for Local Governments The National League of Cities representing over 200 million people, has put forward a set of guidelines for cities to consider regarding short-term rental regulations. This is especially timely given where Dallas finds itself today. Of special interest in the report are the “What Can Communities Regulate” section which outlines provisions for location and use, timing and manner of rental. This section suggests possible geographic...