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  • Who is the Dallas Short-term Rental Alliance?

    The Dallas STRA is a registered 501(c)(6) tax-exempt non-profit organization that is the collective voice of the Dallas short-term rental community. We are residents, property managers, hosts, local businesses, and other stakeholders. We understand and protect the rights of homeowners to responsibly rent their properties. We believe in fair and reasonable regulations of short-term rentals, and we depend on the value that private hosting brings to Dallas.

  • Who can join DSTRA?

    Anyone! DSTRA represents all STR stakeholders including STR owners, STR operators, STR management services, whole home operators, private room operators, ADU operators, STR service providers and interested parties. DSTRA Leadership keeps representation of every STR stakeholder's interests top of mind. Members who donate $500 or more will receive regular updates on the progress of the lawsuit.

  • What are the benefits of joining DSTRA?

    When you join DSTRA, you are joining a group of like-minded people that share your concerns and want to hear your input. We are working together to keep the Dallas STR community informed and sharing resources to do it. Joining now will also allow you to participate in our lawsuit and take advantage of all of the research and educational webinars that we offer in our full membership benefits. Members are able to vote at elections held every two years to determine who will represent the Dallas STR community.

  • What is an STR?

    City of Dallas Ordinance 32473 states that a Short-term Rental means a full or partial rentable unit containing one or more kitchens, one or more bathrooms, and one or more bedrooms that is rented to occupants for fewer than 30 consecutive days or one month, whichever is less, per rental period.

  • How do STRs benefit neighborhoods?

    Short-term rentals benefit neighborhoods by allowing guests to stay nearer their faimly and friends and to enjoy/support the shops and restaurants within the smaller communities which provide a real feel for the neighborhood. STRs provide a homey respite for those in town for temporary medical procedures or internships and provide temporary lodging for those neighbors who may be having repair work done on their homes. STRs have an enormous economic benefit to the cities in which they operate, see the Visit Dallas website.

  • Some say STRs are bad for neighborhoods. What does the data say?

    There are many charges leveled at STRs, including their alleged impact on housing and increased nuisance issues. To that, we refer everyone to the City of Dallas's own study on STRs that was revisted 3 times, each time returning results that STRs do not negatively impact our City.

  • Is there a ban of STR’s in the City of Dallas?

    Dallas City Council passed a zoning amendment 6/14/23 to amend “Lodging Uses” in the Dallas Development Code to define a new use called “Short Term Rental Lodging” to be permitted in lodging-only zoned areas and mixed use areas. This effectively BANS STRs in residential areas. STRs are allowed in Multi Family areas, but with heavy density restrictions.

  • What is the new City STR Registration Ordinance?

    Dallas City Council passed a registration ordinance 6/14/23 that covers the operations of STRs. It includes registration requirements, HOT regisration, annual fee, responsible party, property inspection, occupancy limits, minimum 2 night stay, 2 strikes and other requirements.

  • When will the City of Dallas start enforcing the new ordinances?

    The estimated enforcement date is December 14, 2023.

  • Do I need a permit to operate an STR in Dallas?

    Yes, you will need to register for HOT and register with the City of Dallas to continue to operate. Enforcement begins 12/14/23.

  • What is DSTRA doing about the ban?

    DSTRA has retained legal council and is moving forward with a lawsuit to defend our right to continue to operate STRs.

  • How do I join the DSTRA lawsuit?

    Anyone can contribute to the DSTRA lawsuit: Your contribution helps ensure we can fund the lawsuit and challenge the ban. If there is no lawsuit, then the ban stays in place and all STR owners lose. DSTRA will be a plaintiff in the lawsuit per our litigation team's current strategy. We are asking $500 per owned-STR and $200 per STR service, but all contributions are greatly appreciated. Remember, you can sign up to pay monthly!

  • What are current regulations in outher Texas Cities?

    Here are some regulations in other Texas cities as of July 2022.

  • What happens if I don't register my STR?

    The City is purchasing software that scrubs over 200 websites looking for STRs that are actively hosting. You will be very likely found and fined.

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